Dwarves of Death

The Dwarf in the Iron Mask?

I will be sharing some systems for creating necromatic dwarves. There is no real way to have evil necromancer dwarves in B/X, and I aim to remedy that oversight!

We’ll also have some exciting new factions and equipment and so forth.

First, starting tomorrow, we’ll look at a system for rune tattoos that allow dwarves to use necromatic powers. After exploring the various powers and levels available there, we’ll look at some special weapons.

My goal is to have evocative, cinematic, awesome possibilities unlocked by relatively simple rule sets that repurpose existing mechanics rather than creating new layers of system.

I intend the necrodwarves to be monsters for the intrepid characters to confront. If devious Dungeon Masters think they need to allow player characters access to this evil stuff–well, I suppose that’s fine too.

When each rule set is done, I’ll have a .pdf available for your use.

I look forward to sharing these with you and hearing what you think.

Image from here.

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One Response to Dwarves of Death

  1. JB says:

    Totally dig it.
    ; )

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