Projecting out planned content here.

So this week was runic necromancy for dwarves. Next week is more information on necrodwarves; a bit of gear, some supporting creatures, how they make and use enchanted weapons, and some ideas for plots.

I figure you guys might then be getting tired of necrodwarves (though I have a lot more stuff on them, to make them really playable in a campaign with well-supported information, tactics, equipment, history, theology, etc.) Still, people could use them with just the basics I’ve already provided.

Seriously, I have more ideas than just necrodwarves!

The following week has a minisystem, some magic items, generally more generic fare. Give people a break from the unrelentingly gruesome necrodwarves.

I plan to detail a cool halfling religion, noting how it is geared to community and fending the undead off their borders, show a different angle on how to handle the cleric system for a specific deity. Also, the flip side of the necrodwarves to give DMs and players some sense of the dwarves that hunt the evil jerkfaces! So we’ll have some cool system and background for that.

I also will be doing a theology week coming up, with 5 posts on the history of the pantheon and how things have unfolded in the setting I envision. After that, I can do another week’s worth of posts on a geopolitical area, putting in further context. After that, probably another week detailing a starting game environment–mostly a framework, but a place to put new content in context.

Context provides neat stuff to steal as appropriate, rather than being a restriction on using content. I enjoy taking stuff that is posted for free and repurposing it to my contexts for games, so I figure others can do the same. And, a context allows some crossover and meaning and dastardliness that is not otherwise possible in a generic effort.

Plus more necrodwarf stuff.

Anyway, for those of you who are reading my blog now, welcome! I wanted to give people a sense of what is coming up (though I have not decided the order of the weeks yet, we’ll have weekly themes.)

If something catches your fancy, ask for it, and most likely it will get bumped up in the queue. Without readers and testers, I might as well be making Word documents on my hard drive. It’s the game design equivalent of the difference between writing a novel and running a role playing game. So thanks for checking this out.

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