Vengeance Gusters

Vengeance gusters are an unholy combination of technology and necromancy. Dwarves who worship the God of Death jealously guard the secret of their construction. The gusters are hefty backpacks with a tank and some mechanical equipment, connected to a tube that ends in a nozzle with a sturdy grip.

Using a guster counts as a ranged attack in the round. It functions like a breath weapon; those in the line of fire can save vs. Dragon Breath to take half damage. The gust that comes from the pack is deadly chill, packed with negative energy and the hate of the dead for the living. Except for the supernatural element and the cold, it looks and acts like a flamethrower. The gusts are noxious and stinking of acrid death.

  •  Critical Success. 5′ wide, 60′ long. 2d10 hit points damage.
  • Basic Success. 5′ wide, 30′ long. 2d6 hit points damage.
  • Malfunction. Consult the chart.






1-2 HD undead

3+ HD undead

Critical Success






Basic Success















  1. Explosion. 2d10 hit points damage in a 15’ radius, double damage to the wearer.
  2. Blowback. The user takes ½ damage. 1-3, the guster is fused. 4-6, the guster is jammed.
  3. Fusion. The guster is destroyed, but does not explode.
  4. Jam. Requires 1d4 rounds of effort to prepare it to fire again, and it is +2 malfunction chance until 1d4 hours are spent by an expert repairing the guster. 
  5. Clog. Functions as a basic success, but will be -1 on the d6 roll for subsequent use until 1d4 hours are spent by an expert repairing the guster. 
  6. Gush. Counts as a critical success this round, but the tank is empty and the guster cannot be reloaded until 1d4 hours are spent by an expert repairing it.

Racial Variables

  • Infravision. Infravision helps aim the unholy fire. Dwarves and elves are more likely to get critical successes.
  • Shape. Elves and halflings lack the sturdy frames to wear the equipment properly, increasing the chance of malfunction.
  • Fey Hate. The supernatural flame hates elves, and is more likely to malfunction in their hands.
  • Undead Operators. The flame gets quirky wielded by the restless dead. Low HD undead lack the reflexes and intelligence to get the best results from the equipment.
  • Substitutions. (If wielded by a race not listed here, choose the race that is closest, and use those numbers.)

Guster Traits

  • The guster only does half damage to non-living targets, including stone, wood, constructs, etc.
  • Gusters have 300 coins encumbrance. A second tank has 150 coins encumbrance.
  • One tank fuels 6 shots.
  • Foes under 4 hit dice that are subject to morale tests must test each time the guster is fired towards them.


Gusters are the invention of the Chill Claw cult of necrodwarves. They are the only ones with the needed expertise to build, repair, and maintain the horrifying vengeance gusters. A character needing to gain this knowledge would need to be accepted into their ranks and then train with them for a year.

The Chill Claw closely guard the secret of brewing guster fuel. It involves liquefaction of the corpses of various races in a certain order and ratio, combined with nitre, and with the rotten blood of the earth, in a process that takes considerable time and precision and possibly sensitivities that only dwarves possess. The dwarves apply their unique persnickety engineering expertise to an organic process vulnerable to randomness and the flaws of flesh. They consider their patience amply rewarded each time a siege corridor full of their foes die horribly in screaming agony.

The God of Death manages the void of space, endlessly dark and cold and brutal, with an unquenchable thirst. The cold burning of the stars is gifted into this weapon for use against the foes of the undying.

Check out the .pdf Vengeance Gusters.

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