Dungeonmorph Disappointment

Well, I made a little dice game to share with the Dungeonmorph Dice project that basically uses d6 to simulate a dungeon crawl. I thought it was pretty elegant and clever and entertaining, with a bit of strategy but not so much you had to master the game.

I found out today that they don’t want to use the dice game because it does not specifically require specific dungeonmorph dice. The down side, for them, is that you can play it with ANY handful of d6, not only their special ones.

Given that criteria, I can’t WAIT to see what they will come up with that has sufficient complexity to take the special dice and facings into account, but is still easy enough to learn and play with the amount of effort you’d expect to put  into a dice game.

I’ll adjust my game and put it up here.  I can’t help but think connecting to Dungeonmorph Dice would have brought more people to this site, and proven a great connection to put up more variants with time.

Still, when you offer people gifts for free, it is important to not get so invested that you are really disappointed when those gifts are not accepted. Recieving is a gift also, and not one you are entitled to when you give.

The dice/.pdfs/fonts/battlemats/tile cards are really cool. They inspired me, and I’m still coming up with ways to use them. Check it out here.

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