Gatrach’s Slayer

"You're going down! (as agreed...)"

Gatrach Silverdawn was quietly renamed “Sellverdawn” by his colleagues and business associates. He found the taking of life highly distasteful, but during the reign of Governor Memsetch law enforcement was almost entirely relegated to bounty hunting.

The roguish elf somehow acquired an enchanted elven weapon (the tale is that he used a wish from Zomok to close the deal). He then charged a set rate to those with bounties on their heads. He would arrange for them to be slain, and the bounty collected. In addition, the un-slain bounty targets would pay him and quietly disappear.

Silverdawn drew many adventurers into his orbit with this scheme, choosing those who did not deserve to die (by his standards) and arranging a public death for them, using a rotating stable of “killers” to keep the authorities from seeing patterns.

Inevitably, one of the governer’s spies got wise to the scheme, and infiltrated his circle. During a “killing” gone wrong, the spy switched the weapons, then identified Silverdawn for the guards that were waiting to pounce.

An elegant scheme, but Silverdawn was weeks dying. Valuing life has its cost.

The sword was on display in the Governor’s mansion for several generations, but during the civil war it was lost, probably to red-handed looters that immediately discarded it as a worthless weapon. Its current whereabouts are unknown.

Gatrach’s Slayer

The weapon appears to be a shortsword of elven make, and it only radiates the faintest enchantment.

Any damage the sword deals is illusory, fooling the target and those around automatically. When the sword deals a killing stroke, onlookers (and the victim, if not in on the scheme) must Save vs. Spells at -4 to see through the illusion of death. The illusion of death lasts for up to 6 hours, but the “victim” may act as normal during that time if necessary.

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