House Rules I Like, Part 1

  • Variable Weapon Damage. Yes.
  • Two Handed Weapons. Go last in the round, roll 2d8 for damage, keep the higher roll.
  • Two Weapon Fighting. Either get +1 to AC for parrying, or 1 die increment higher. (For all out attack, a d6 weapon and another weapon would go to doing d8 damage.)
  • Blunt Weapons. If the weapon does maximum damage, the target must save vs. Poison or be knocked out for 1 turn. However, blunt weapons do -1 damage against metal armor, and -2 damage against plate mail.
  • Shields. They add +1 to AC. The player can also try to take the full brunt of an attack on the shield—if the character rolls 1-4 on a 1d6, half the incoming damage is negated and the shield is shattered.
  • Good Luck Charms. They give a bonus of 1, for 1 saving throw per session, player choice which. A character can only have 1 that is effective at a time.
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