Dungeonmorph Dice are coming!

Dungeonmorph dice are going to arrive by the end of August, hopefully. In the meantime, I’ve got the awesome font, and I’ve been tinkering with typing up a dungeon. Because that’s six slices of awesome, cross-hatched and slightly melted to perfection.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on a possible back story that would allow for bite-sized dungeon adventures. Here’s the back story so far.

Back Story

The Seers of Gorbias have a crystal ball that allows them to see into Chaelmaar the Unconquered. When the rulers of Chaelmaar were threatened by Dracolithic invasion two thousand years ago, they beseeched Zomok to render them safe from the Dracolithic Empire for all time. The city was snatched from Prime and tossed into the aether where the mightiest wizards of the Dracolithic Empire could not follow.

Over time, the lost city became legend, until the Seers of Gorbias found it with the Sphere of Destiny, a giant crystal that six seers surround, focusing their energies into its visions. Unwilling to tempt fate, they will not allow Dracs or the Empire to make a move against the City Adrift. However, they allow scholars to hire teams to investigate the ancient and ethereal ruin.

The Seers are able to project a portal into the city that will last for 2d10 hours or until closed. Only those with a gate token can move through the gate. Because the city is in a weird spin through time and space and aether, it is unlikely (if possible at all) to put a gate back where one was previously, so those left behind have a minimal chance of rescue.

The dangers are many, but for those willing to face them, the scholars pay handsomely for whatever trinkets, lore, and mapping the adventurers can produce upon returning.

[So you can have gates open at the behest of scholars, who pay for time open, and then adventurers go through and try to break even or get ahead with knowledge, precious materials, mapping, and so on.]

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