I was inspired by the Dungeonmorph Dice claim that they would have one or more games to play with the cool geomorph dungeon dice. So I made this game! Crawl-d6.

You can play with up to 4 people in about 5-10 minutes using about 12 d6, 4 different coins (or dice types), and up to 3 other different-looking dice or glass drops. It is ideal for getting into the mood of dungeon crawling before a session starts. Or on your lunch break. During commercials. Whenever.

I offer this for free because I am thankful for the hard work that went into creating the dice and geomorphs that inspired the game in the first place. If you play the game, I’d love to hear how it went for you.

There are two versions, both on one sheet. One is the landscape .pdf, the other is a pocket mod format. With the pocket mod format, with some printers you may need to trim an edge for the folding to work.

There are 4 columns on the first section, so you can use the same page for multiple games. I really hope you enjoy this game as much as I have. Tell your friends!

Landscape .pdf.  Crawld6

PocketMod .pdf.crawld6-layout

My thanks to Joe Wetzel of Inkwell Ideas, and also to those he credits as working on the geomorphs:

Tim Ballew “Risus Monkey“; M. S. Jackson “Lapsus Calumni“; Shane Knysh “Fictitious Entry“; Dyson Logos “A Character for Every Game“; David Millar “Dave’s Mapper“; Brutus Motor “This is Dice Country“; AJ Stone “Stonewerks

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