Packer, the Bitter Warrior

I made a character, Packer. He is a big fighter, and I was inspired by some of the concepts of how you can classify different things as weapons.

He has a Very Heavy Weapon. It is a life-size granite statue of his ex-wife, with a 2 meter chain around her waist that is locked to his arm. (He has a key.) He uses this statue as his weapon. Her name is Ellydice.

We do not know if it is something he carved himself, or if it was the work of a master, or if it is a sentimental trinket from his estate, or if she was petrified by a medusa or cockatrice or something. We do know she broke his heart. He was going to tour the world with her someday, and now he’s traveling about carrying her granite statue and using it as a weapon as occasion arises.

I took the talent “Heft” to show how he got beefy carrying a granite statue around.

In my humble opinion, I could get slathered with awesome points by doing ballroom dancing and spinning her out to the end of the chain (smashing into a hapless foe) or putting her behind him and doing a martial arts throw so she goes over his shoulder and down on an enemy, or ramming her out-stretched stone arm through a minion’s head, or just hauling her up over his head and bringing her flared granite skirt crashing down on a victim.

Or for role-playing situations like getting a room, sleeping with her, carrying her around town and dealing with the curious, and that kind of thing. I imagine he’ll probably talk to her sometimes. Until I play him I just won’t know.

Next talent on the list is either “Weapon of choice” [Statue of Ellydice] or “Armor of Scars” depending on how his first level goes. Though I could see “Exploit Weakness” as he considers a foe, then darts in and crushes his stone statue into a foe’s soft spot.

It would not have occurred to me to make this character in any other system, but damn, he looks like a lot of fun.

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