OSH Pistols and Muskets

In Hand to Hand. Pistols and blunderbusses count as light weapons in hand to hand. Muskets count as a heavy weapon in hand to hand. When loaded, they count as ranged weapons as well.

Shooting Damage. Firing pistols and muskets and blunderbusses happens in the “shoot” phase. However, the damage done by pistols and muskets is as a Very Heavy Weapon, doing 2 wounds or 4 if they hit the AC by +5 or more.

A blunderbuss does not roll to hit; damage is in a cone effect. Everyone that might be hit must test “Daring” or take 1 wound. This can be modified by distance or cover. A target may spend an AP (or the DM may feed one to the bowl per NPC) to automatically avoid being hit.

  • The only difference between shooting with pistols and muskets is that muskets are +1 to hit as a ranged weapon.

Reloading. Reloading is a focus action, beginning in the “focus” part of the round and concluding successfully in the “focused events” part of the round if the reloading character is uninjured for the rest of the round. If the character is injured during that time, the reload is ruined, and it will take a focus action to clear the weapon so it can be loaded again.

If the gun gets wet, it must be cleared as a focused action and loaded as normal.

Misfire. Any time the character rolls doubles, the gun misfires. If the character spends an AP, the gun still fires but is now broken and needs repair. If the character does not spend an AP, the gun blows up and does 3 wounds to the shooter.

Cost. The pistol costs 25 gold, a musket costs 50. A blunderbuss costs 50. Each shot costs 1 gold worth of equipment–powder, shot, wadding, routine repairs to powderhorn and ramrod, polish, etc.

Gruesome Carnage. Any target hit in the face takes double damage.

Morale. Those hit with gunfire, or unaccustomed to it, may need to test Commitment or flee from the terrifying noise and destructive power. (DM option)

Talent: Powdermaster. Constant Ability. Only misfire on rolling two “1” dice.

Talent: Cone of Death. Once per Arena. Can load two “shots” into a blunderbuss so it inflicts 2 w3ounds on targets in its path.

Talent: Paired Pistols. Once per Arena. Can shoot two pistols at one target, roll two attacks, and keep the higher.

Interaction with other Talents:

  • Magic Users can use “Puppet Strings” to reload a firearm while they reload another firearm. N0 other actions can be combined with using “Puppet Strings” as a loading spell.
  • Elves can use “Perfect Accuracy” with firearms.
  • Clerics can use “Bless Weapon” with firearms.
  • Fighters can use pistol, musket, or blunderbuss as “Weapon of Choice.”
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4 Responses to OSH Pistols and Muskets

  1. Risus Monkey says:

    A fine approach and similar to my own thinking. I’d love to use OSH for a Warhammer or Colonial Gothic game.

  2. fictivite says:

    Glad you like it. Thanks for coming by and dropping a note!

  3. m.s. jackson says:

    Man Tim, don’t tempt me like that. A Colonial Gothic game using OSH? I think I just wet myself!

  4. fictivite says:

    You could watch “Last of the Mohicans” and identify points where the characters would get Awesome Points. =)

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