OSH Heavy Crossbows and ranged weapons

In Hand to Hand. Heavy crossbows count as heavy weapons in hand to hand.

Shooting Damage. Firing heavy crossbows happens in the “shoot” phase. They do 1 damage. However, heavy crossbows reduce the target’s AC by up to 4, ignoring up to 2 levels of armor!

Reloading. Reloading is a focus action, beginning in the “focus” part of the round and concluding successfully in the “focused events” part of the round if the reloading character is uninjured for the rest of the round.  Brawn is not important, because there is a crank on heavy crossbows.

Cost. The heavy crossbow costs 25 gold.

Other weapons, like slings, bows, and light crossbows, can be pulled and loaded for free. The heavy crossbow takes longer because it has a crank mechanism. The weapon is designed to puncture heavy armor.

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