OSH Templates All Next Week!

Next week is all Old School Hack Templates.

  • Monday: Assassin
  • Tuesday: Gladiator
  • Wednesday: Musketeer
  • Thursday: Scholar
  • Friday: Swashbuckler
  • Saturday: Zealot
  • Monday: Tumbler
  • Tuesday: Hunter
  • Wednesday: (A cool new format surprise!)

At the OSH forum I read a suggestion that it was better to have more templates than to allow duplicate character types. I’m doing my part to help out!

The Assassin includes poison and venom starting suggestions. Musketeer and Swashbuckler include blackpowder rules. They are all three expected to be printed front and back so those extra rules are available.

I’m excited about this, and I hope you are too.

 [Update: I’m adding three new entries, listed above!]

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3 Responses to OSH Templates All Next Week!

  1. m.s. jackson says:

    Cannot wait to see them, I certainly think more character types will be great, especially if they come with new talents! I would really like to see something like a compilation of all the talents people are coming up with posted somewhere (and in the same format as the game to they look all spiffy together).

  2. fictivite says:

    I think it’s a good idea for them all to be in the same format. I don’t have the particular skill or inclination to make mine look like the original, so my plan is to take the originals and do them in this format. I will offer a single document with all the templates at the end of the series.

    Yes, all new talents! Also, I put 10 new adventuring motivations with each new template.

    I agree it would be cool to see the new talents and templates others are doing compiled somehow.

  3. Risus Monkey says:

    Really excited about these!

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