OSH Aglatch Grimore (A new format for a template!)

Here’s a fun idea. We have magic users already. But they need more spells, and in this system, spells are talents. Rather than come up with a half dozen new spellcaster templates, I realized you could make grimores–books of spells. With those books of spells, you could customize your magic user.

Perhaps they start with a different tradition than the one in the base template. The inherent ability remains the same. One of the most evocative shifts in the Magic User template concept is the “Book of Power” so I used that base notion to add a kind of information to the grimore as well.

Here you are. Five new spells, and a book geared for a kind of research. It is not a template, but it greatly expands options for the magic users. Enjoy!

OSH Aglatch Grimore

Update: Matt Jackson did a super job making it look great!


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2 Responses to OSH Aglatch Grimore (A new format for a template!)

  1. Herb says:

    So the idea is by picking a specific book of power you change that talent and your spell list? Or are these additional spell choices?

  2. fictivite says:

    I think it more like expanding the talent to “Book(s) of Power” and showing what references get focus in the grimore book.

    I also want to leave the flexibility of the system intact, so if a DM says “you get this cool grimore and can take the book of power talent!” that’s fine too. (Then instead of having to hunt for each spell, the character would have the book, and could cast out of it using APs like using a talent you do not yet possess, or learn those spells upon leveling.)

    The spell choices are additional, not replacing anything–unless you make a wizard in that tradition, in which case they could pick up the spells in the basic class like basic wizards pick up these spells. In any case, they all count as magic user talents and the wizards all still use the magic user inherent ability.

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