Maptacular Monday! The Slaver’s Compound

This map was inspired by Dyson Logos‘s particular brand of cartographic madness, observable in many permutations here.  He introduced to me some ideas for making maps pretty and not just functional, and he was also one of the major inspirations of this blog–wanting to give something back for all his maps I stole for my own nefarious purposes.

A jutting stone outcropping over the fast-flowing river hosts a noble’s mansion. However, below the overhangs, there are two secret places to dock a boat. There are also two staircases down from the mansion itself, into this dirty little secret.

The noble who lived in the mansion above was convicted of hideous crimes and now he spends his time between his luxurious quarters in the center of the map here, and his other hideouts. As a worshiper of Ketcheya, God of Chains, he has a temple built into his compound. (On the approach, on the west side there is a mass of rusted chains hanging in front of a mad artist’s vision of the god’s face.) And there is a processing area to the east for those slaves coming in and going out. An ancestor is entombed on a throne by a raging waterfall. The place has been set up to be ready to slow down intruders long enough to riddle them with arrows and to set up more defenses.

Speaking of which, to the south there are pillars with rope bridges (two ropes for hands and one for feet) to move to the entrance to the noble’s lair. The “H” shape is a mantlet; a big shield that the guard hides behind to pick off those approaching, using a nasty crossbow. (Hilarious.) A similar notion where the corridor is crossed by the river; a mantlet and several barrels of bolts so one or two defenders can pepper invaders with bolts while they try to cross the fast-flowing water barrier.

Near the center of the map, the XXXX shape is a portable barrier that can be moved across the corridor to provide cover so defenders can have more protection in repelling invaders. Then there’s a pit along one side of the corridor. And it leads to an area with a queue marked out by tank-trap style barriers, and a platform bolted to the wall so crossbowmen can shower bolts down on those trying to run through or over the gauntlet to get to them.

That does not include all the possible ways to handle defense of the compound, but it’s a start, and you can bring your own creativity to the process.

I have not keyed this (but I could if people wanted my idea for how it works), and don’t plan to do a blow-by-blow, but I hope you enjoy it.

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5 Responses to Maptacular Monday! The Slaver’s Compound

  1. Dyson Logos says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, and I love the map!

  2. fictivite says:

    Thanks! I think all fantasy gamers should at least know about your site–I have it bookmarked and handy for inspiration and resources… it’s good stuff.

  3. m.s. jackson says:

    That looks pretty good! Great job!

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