OSH Morale system

So here is a tidy, simple morale rule for OSH. Not required, but for when the DM feels that maybe a group will break and maybe they won’t, and wants to let the dice decide.

  • Morale. Add together all the wounds in the force in question. Then roll between 1 and 4 d10, depending on the circumstance.
    • 1d10. Tense.
    • 2d10. Evenly matched.
    • 3d10. Disadvantaged.
    • 4d10. Overwhelming!

This is like a check, backwards; instead of setting a difficulty and the group rolling, the group sets their result and the difficulty is randomized.

An advantage to using wounds is it effectively captures the morale advantage granted by tough characters and leaders. Ten minions are worth five guards, are worth 2 characters, are worth 1 monster.

So a bad guy with 5 wounds may have 10 minions, a morale of 15. The fight starts and the difficulty is 2d10 with a small party. But then the party kills 3 minions and the leader, and the morale drops to 7 and the difficulty jumps to 3d10.

Another reason to use the system is if the characters are leading some minions and you want to see if they hang in there in a fight. That’s a chance to let characters spend Awesome Points to boost their side’s morale.

Anyway, it’s a simple and optional system. Enjoy.

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