OSH Reflections on “Awesomeness in Oscelot”

Yesterday I posted an adventure write-up. Here are some further thoughts helping me organize what I learned from this brief two hour game session.

Tulip was a Gladiator with” Rhythm and Distance”. He leveled, going for the Musketeer talent “Enough!”. He got halfway to level 3. Brenna was a Thief with Endless Daggers, and she took the Fighter talent “Weapon Specialization” for daggers when she leveled, so it works with both ranged and light weapons of which she has an endless supply! She too was halfway to level 3.

Check my “Old School Hack Resources” page for template and talent information.

I used Stenchite special abilities to feed the bowl, and there were plenty of chips in it when the session was over, so that worked.

I made some rulings.

  • When a crowd of minions attack someone who is defending, the defender gets one counter-attack against the mob, not against each attacker in the mob. One roll to hit triggers one roll to counter-attack.
  • An extra attack costs 3 Awesome Points and requires a description.
  • To kick a barrel at an incoming line of foes, roll to hit the first one. If successful, spend 1 Awesome Point and roll to hit the next; this can continue until you run out of Awesome Points or don’t knock a target down. Since they are minions, they are down and out.
  • Dropping the chandelier was spending 2 Awesome Points to have something useful handy, then it was attacked at range normally.
  • Hand to hand; damage is 1 wound, but a Daring test difficulty 7 ignores it.
  • No spending Awesome Points to boost attack rolls.
  • A fight is over when you drop out of combat rounds, but characters must have some time to catch their breath before they level. So if fighting without armor, you get 2 APs when the rounds stop, but you don’t level until you take a break for at least 10 minutes, so if a chase continues you must still wait.

Here are the foes I used.

  • Stenchite. AC 10. 1 Wound
    • Belch. Focus action. 1 AP. All in arena who are not Stenchites are -1 to all tasks per belcher, up to -10. A point of penalty dissipates per minute.
  • Toadimite. AC 10. 2 Wounds
    • Spit Goo. Focus action. 1 AP. Target must test Daring difficulty 7 or be -4 to all actions. The rotten toffee-like goo hardens and snaps off, freeing -1 per minute. Up to 3 goo hits stack.
  • Stemmitch. Stenchite Mission Leader. AC 12. 5 Wounds.
    • Stinkum. Focus action. 1 AP. A target in the same arena loses 1 turn unless passing a Daring difficulty 10 test.
    • Flashbang Exit. Move. 1 AP. Test Cunning vs. Awareness of witnesses; move to another adjacent arena, undetected if successful.

Who are these mysterious Stenchites? What other foul troops might they have? How did they get this way? Those mysteries must wait for another time.

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3 Responses to OSH Reflections on “Awesomeness in Oscelot”

  1. m.s. jackson says:

    Nice. I have to say, looking at how you wrote up the bad guys is pure brilliance. And your judging on the fly bit is perfect. great job!

  2. Andrew says:

    I enjoyed your play reports when I was figuring out what this Old School Hack game was supposed to be like, so I’m glad to be able to share my play report now.

    I’m thinking about working up kind of a Stenchite faction with some more description. Planning the adventure, I figured I needed some bad guys with an easily accessible, memorable theme–so they smell bad. And I worked everything else around that. Trying to hit that “could take this fantasy game seriously” vs. “anything could happen!” balance.

    Thanks for the response and encouragement.

  3. m.s. jackson says:

    I like that, it should create more memorable villains for your players. With OSH I like to create a basic premise (with me this usually means a map) and let it go from there. I have a basic idea of what is happening or a scene I want to happen, but I let the players pretty much run the show from there.

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