OSH Original Template Motives

I have put 10 adventuring motivations with each of my new templates. Now, I bring that concept to the original 7 templates. Enjoy!

[This is all in “Fictive’s Talents and Templates” too.]

1. You are dissatisfied with the leader of your church, and want regional control to do it right.
2. Harmony within and between faiths maintains the great Balance. Why can’t we all just get along?
3. The king converted, but is having trouble establishing the faith in his kingdom. Help him out.
4. It is too inefficient to be bogged down in religious bickering. Push the other faiths out, rule well.
5. Your god has chosen you for a purpose, and your church gives you space to pursue it. What is it?
6. War is brewing. Find out all you can about this area before it is behind enemy lines, report back.
7. You think you know where some lost teachings of your church may have survived! Retrieve them.
8. Local clergy are far too soft on heretics who twist church teachings. Make sure people get it right.
9. Your penniless mother insists your father was a god. You joined for food. Could it be true, though?
10. The end is nearing. The signs are right. Now is the time to exert divine will in the world, through you.

1. Legend, of a deep gem that has a tender skin and can be…drunk. Intoxicating gems?! Find out!
2. An orphan, you struggled with ancestor worship. You find relief in the short memory of humans.
3. Dwarven grandeur smells of hiding and slow death. Humans are crude, but they are vibrant, new.
4. You want to study antiquity that is decaying away; you need partners to go to ancient places.
5. A lost dwarven city holds within it a book of lineage that can establish your claim to the throne.
6. You are adventuring to gain wealth and fame so you can marry above your station back home.
7. Your ancestor was the finest goldsmith in [dwarf city]. Find a sample of his work so you can prove it.
8. It will come to war with neighboring humans, for control of the pass. Make human friends, prepare.
9. Dying, the master brewer told you his secret ale ingredient was fairy feet. Figure this recipe out.
10. Your clan was destroyed by [raiders]. You will not rest until they are all driven from the region.

1. No one can hunt the Iron Boar north of your woods—all have died. You will bring it down.
2. Having children is… well, it’s not part of the culture much anymore. You’ll show them. Have two.
3. An ancient elven city on an island was swarmed by raiders, and unmoored from reality. Myth?
4. Your family used to train dragons, and ride them at the head of elven hosts. Could you tame one?
5. You don’t appreciate music. This deficiency shamed you out of your community. Don’t tell anyone.
6. Proof that humans are devolved elves is out there, and you’ll find it to prove your theory for all time.
7. Fey energies are draining out of the forests locally. Revitalize them, no matter the cost.
8. How you wish you could stop time. Find a way to bring youth to your elderly human lover.
9. Passing years and increasing isolation foster distrust with human neighbors. Make friends again.
10. If the rightful king were on the elven throne, elves would regain power lost to ennui.

1. You’ve served in three armies and a mercenary band. Now you want to give the orders.
2. Your people were conquered, survivors scattered. [General] did this, and must die before you do.
3. You inherited the secrets of your family’s combat training. Pass that training to the next generation.
4. Your pragmatic agenda hides a deep wish, a childhood dream—kill a dragon and keep the head.
5. You’ve always wanted to clear threats from an area, restore or build a castle, bring civilization, rule.
6. Your skills are excellent—but could be better. Continue to hone your combat abilities, be the best.
7. They took your sweetheart. Now, you will fight through their endless ranks to mount a rescue.
8. You bear the mark. In the prophecy, you’ll be the last one standing, deciding between good and evil.
9. Magic! Magic weapons, armor, rings, loincloths, all of it! You totally want to glam out in bling!
10. Home was a cold, dark place. All you’ve ever wanted, trained for, dreamed of, is death in battle.

1. You were a little too tasty to stay home with your big family. Become less tasty, so you fit in.
2. When you ate your dead da, you got his wanderlust. At least you got his sneakiness too.
3. Legends speak of a way to block the sun, so the whole world is twilight. You can make it happen.
4. Once, at a feast, you had elf bacon with orc gravy and a dwarf drumstick. Recreate the feast.
5. Your people are underestimated fighters. Lead a surface settlement. Evict current occupants.
6. Figure out a way to cheat so you can beat an ogre at an eating contest. Tell everyone the story.
7. Your granda was famous for having 1,000 gold pieces. Double his record, overshadow him.
8. You have 18 whelps. Feed, equip, and train them so they’ll serve you in a few years.
9. You will extract an apology on behalf of your people from three powerful local rulers.
10. Your chief picked a local mine as a new settlement site for your people. Clear it of current miners.

Magic User
1. As a teen, you traded your soul to a demon for mystic ability for 21 years. You don’t want to pay.
2. You come from a long line of gifted wizards; if you don’t earn your place in the family, shame.
3. Your master expects you to do all the work at the tower. Get rich, live in comfortable ease.
4. Ugly rumors, demons have been hunting wizards. Find out why before you are next.
5. A local cleric has been stirring people up against wizards again. Embarrass and discredit him.
6. You should be in charge because you’re smartest and most gifted. Build a following.
7. Demands everywhere! Build and equip a tower for research, where you can have peace.
8. If you officially finish your training, you’ll be drafted into the military. You escaped—stay free.
9. You were only a child when the necromancer killed and raised your parents. Get revenge.
10. You will become an Archmage. Gather as many spellbooks and items of power as possible.

1. You were jailed for trying to steal [famous gem]. You’ve escaped. Get it right this time.
2. Nobles have a grand dance at the [annual festival]. Every year, you sneak some jewels. Keep it up.
3. Mother wouldn’t tell you who your father was. Now she’s dead. You think he’s famous. Find him.
4. This region’s hero has a legendary sword. Get the sword, sell it to the orcs—you have a fence.
5. Someday you want to be a crime lord, organizing illegal activities so it runs smooth and lucrative.
6. No one knows what happens in the south tower of the palace. So it must be something expensive.
7. [Famous villain]’s tomb was designed to trap him and his cursed wealth inside. Beat it, be famous.
8. The King’s daughter has a door with 13 locks, it’s never been defeated. Get in there.
9. Your crazy mother left you with a huge debt to a local crime boss. Pay that thing off or die.
10. A legendary staff has six parts, and when assembled, enormous power. You have one part.

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