OSH Fighting Crowd rules

A staple of Old School Hack is fighting a ton of minions. I’m also adding in swarms, because lots of little things gushing up over a hapless target is hilarious when you are the referee and not the victimized player. So!

Fighting a Swarm

Attacking a swarm, each wound inflicted destroys one creature in the swarm.

Fighting a Mass of Minions

If you roll more to hit than the minion armor class, each point higher is an additional minion that can be downed if you spend an Awesome Point each.


If you have a heavy weapon, you can knock down a couple minions or a couple swarming critters per attack rather than losing an attack to one each time. This is more awesome (since you must spend Awesome Points to hit multiple minions) and it adds to the fun of the player without really taking anything away from the DM, who has as many minions or swarming critters as are needed.

For example, slith are like cat-sized leathery T-Rexes, with powerful jumping legs and vicious jaws loaded with fangs. A swarm of them rolls 1d10 to attack, but is +1 to the roll per additional slith after the first. And each 5 inflicts +1 wound with the attack.

As DM, I might send 10 slith after a guy with a very heavy weapon. They are AC 10, and he rolls 18! Well, that’s 8 more than he needed to hit, so he does 4 wounds. He spends 2 Awesome Points, boosting it to 5 damage.

Since they are a swarm, as long as he hit he can knock one down per damage inflicted.  He has 5 damage, so he manages to pulp 5 of the gnashing critters with repeated and frantic blows with his giant hammer.

If a lady with a light weapon is attacked by 4 minions, skinkmen with weedy spears and AC 8, she might roll 10 to hit. She could only affect 3 with her roll (8, 9, and 10). Her weapon only does 1 wound, but she just might spend 2 Awesome Points to do an extra wound, so she drops 2 of the 4 minions.

Here are a couple open talents to make this something training affects.

  • Sweeping Blow. Arena. When you split your damage among minions or a swarm, you do 1 additional wound.
  • Whack-a-Swarm. Rested. Double your damage against swarms.

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