“The Tireless Archer” Play Report and Analysis!

I had 3 hours, and 5 players, 2 of which were veterans and one of which was pretty new to role playing games in general. We had a great time. The write-up is here.

For such a short time frame, I tried out the Tireless Archer cut in half.

  • One of the PCs was a scholar (who inherited all the plot hook scholar’s research and had already made the arrangements.)
  • I dropped the adversary sub-plot.
  • When I ran out of time, I let the Tireless Archer be the climactic foe instead of introducing the ice spiders.
  • We did not play through getting out, we ended with the defeat of the Tireless Archer and loot distribution. It worked fine.

Rulings! (Also here.)

  • When the frost giant goes down, all his minions go down too. Avoids anticlimax.
  • No, you can’t use Awesome Points to modify a role if you beat the difficulty, just to spend the Awesome Points towards leveling.
  • I can charge 1-5 Awesome Points to “find something” based on how well it fits the setting. (A player wanted to find a cool book in the frost giant’s lair. Rather than be a jerk and have him find one too big for him to read, I put it in a backpack of an eaten adventurer.)
  • Spending Awesome Points to boost firearm damage applies after a gruesome carnage (hit to the face) roll that doubles damage. I mean, come on. You already get +1 (to the face) and the damage, doubled.
  • To attack up to 2 arenas past an adjacent arena with a thrown weapon, spend 1 Awesome Point per arena.
  • Only one character had a Brawn bonus: the primordial ape. So, because of the biting cold and its dangers, he agreed to carry robes they could put on while resting. It did not seem reasonable to me to charge 4 heavy items for 4 robes, so I figured bundled they’d be ½ a heavy object. Not a big deal or something to codify, not until I get to the supplement on hostile environments.

Rulings to Consider

I ruled that due to his heavy fur and tough muscles, the primordial ape was not affected by the bitter cold. Do I want to codify this on the template? I’m not sure.

What is the range of a firearm? I have a model for ranged weapons from Old School Hack, and a model for guns from People vs. Creatures. But black powder weapons are not as accurate as modern guns, though they can throw shot further than ranged weapons. I’ll be thinking about how I want to do this; the easiest way is to give them +1 arena range, then charge AP as for thrown weapons.

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