Maptacular Monday: Sorrowalk

Here is the second map of Yeilan, the Shining City, and its surviving underground in one area. (Here are the Shining City posts.)

  • C: Crematorium Complex to Sorrowalk
  • E: Sorrowalk to
  • F: Sorrowalk to
  • G: Sorrowalk to Chantry Basement
  • H: River to Sorrowalk

The northern half of the map has three ways to get to the Winding Stair that leads down to the Crematorium Complex. Funeral processions for commoners  could drift down the river, put in at the cave, and proceed to the memorial and cremation below. Or, they could process on the surface, and take the stairs down to the caves.

The southern half of the map is the sub-basement of the Chantry, a guild of wizards up above. Who knows what secrets they buried so deep, yet keeping access to the river through an impenetrable doorway (should they need it)?

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