People vs. Creatures: Riddick starts at 3rd level.

I have posted a rough draft (very rough!) of “Death Shines on the Fornia Moon” science fiction setting for People vs Creatures, which is an Old School Hack/Modern Slash variant of the Old School Hack rules.

Let’s make Riddick! The DM decided everyone in the “Pitch Black” movie world would start as a “normal person” and not an “adventuring person.”

On the “Factions” generation, he would get “Pirate” and “Fugitive.”

Starting Attributes: Brawn 18. Cunning 16. Daring 16. Commitment 14. Charm 11. Awareness 12. (Level 2, +1 Brawn and +1 wound. Level 3, +1 Brawn–now 20–and he gets his full 5 wounds because he’s 3rd level.)

Attributes with level advances and bonuses from talents and backgrounds: Brawn 20 (+5, substitute for Charm to lead thugs). Cunning 16 (+3, +2). Daring 16 (+3). Commitment 14 (+2, +2 vs. mental stress). Charm 11 (+2 to make conversation). Awareness 12 (+1, variable Eye Shine).

He starts with one occupational talent and one wound (as a minion):

  • Criminal. +2 to Cunning. Knowledge of street culture, picking locks, and illegal goods and services.

He gets an open talent at second level (and a health level), and one at third (when he gets all 5 health levels):

  • Thug Culture. Constant. The character substitutes Brawn bonus for Charm tests to command underlings or support a stronger leader. Bullying feels natural and comfortable, both giving it and receiving it. Those who understand the strongest should rule will be attracted to this character.
  • Eye Shine.* Constant. The character has been surgically altered, the eyes have a strange half-blind sheen. The character gets +2 to intimidate, and –2 to Charm for friendly tests. This is negated if others cannot see the eyes, if they are closed or behind goggles or glasses. Dark goggles or glasses reduce the light level by 1 The character’s sight-based Awareness is altered in all levels of lighting. (Bright -4, moderate -2, dim +4, dark +2.

He gets 3 backgrounds (the bonus of Cunning and Charm, without talent adjustment). He puts 2 in “Experiences” so he is well traveled with many strange experiences, +2 to resist mental stress or make conversation. Add “Career 1” so in some circles he has some authority–as a criminal.

His Awareness bonus grants him an extra language; we’ll say it’s Tradespeak, to fit with our game setting of Fornia Moon.

His next talent will be “Heft.” That will be helpful by the middle of the movie.

This is the DM’s first experience with the game system, so he gets his buddy to make a level 1 character, and test out combat and rolls by escaping from prison. That got him to level 2. For level 3, he led a merry chase across The Black, ending in his capture as a 3rd level character. Another player was able to come for that session, so they could do some cat-and-mouse hunting during the game.

Now he’s ready to start in “Pitch Black.”

So if he gets a level or two in Pitch Black, he’ll be ready for the Necromongers.

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