Revision of “Fictive’s Talents and Templates” v 1.1 posted!

“Fictive’s Talents and Templates” was fun. Version 1.1 is more fun.

This book has been fine-tuned further, answering some difficulties I had with the previous draft. Nine more templates! Even more talents, including the group and swarm combat talents!

  • Concepts for half-breeds and unusual circumstances growing up.
  • One-page reference with all 37 template level titles 1-4.
  • Adventuring motivations for all templates.
  • New robust equipment at generation, including an “adventurer’s pack” to pull unexpected items to hand.
  • An updated list of open and restricted talents.
  • Occupational talents, for non-adventurers and characters both–the middle ground between a day job and an inherent ability.
  • 37 templates, so you can randomize on 4d10 if you want.
  • Streamlined character creation including how to learn languages, arts, and musical instruments–everything you need to make a character here.
  • More!

I hope you enjoy it. Check it out here or on the “Old School Hack Resources” tab.

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