Maptacular Monday: Yeila Temple Sub-Basement

More of the surviving underground of the Shining City! (Other maps here.) My players should not read this, on pain of misfortune.

Now we get right under the temple to Yeila herself. To the southwest, the priests have a cold storage morgue and crematorium, under heavy guard, with live-in clergy and acolytes and ready access to the crematorium complex.

  • A: Crematorium Complex to Yeila Temple Sub-Basement
  • I: Yeila Temple Sub-Basement to Yeila Temple Basement

To the north, spaces for the clergy assigned to the temple above to use for various purposes.

To the east, and south, a dedicated area for celebrating the passage of Yeila’s willing servants. And, a shrine to connect personal sorrows of the clergy with the goddess’s own sorrows.

East central, the hallowed vault with a dimensional disconnect, and five dimensional keys (fashioned from the skulls of her holy men.) Within, something too secret to share, in case my disobedient players are reading this.

In the center,  triangular chamber with massive bars and locks, and a triptych with the essential teachings of the faith in the center of the holy chamber.

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