Apologetic for Halflings.

Halflings should get paid more. Why? Jet Li’s character helps us understand.

Here is the dialogue from the movie (you can see it in the clip if you click through the picture.)

So the next time some big folk want to drag your halfling character through the muck and the danger and the death, remember that you should get paid more.

If they can’t understand why, try having this conversation:

  • It’s difficult.
    • What is?
  • My life is difficult. I need more money.
    • Why is that?
  • I work harder than the rest.
    • No you don’t!
  •  Yes I do! Everything is harder for me. When I get hurt, the wound is bigger—because I’m smaller! When I travel, I need to go farther—
    •  I know, because you’re smaller, right?
  • Yes.

There you have it. Difficult to argue with logic like that. Much easier to stuff the little bugger into a sack until it’s time to burgle something. Mileage may vary.

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