Best Anti-Hero Idea I’ve Ever Had

Okay, so you’ve got some players who think they want to be “evil.” What do you do?

I quit running games for “evil” player characters a long time ago. No matter how fun they think it will be, there comes a point where they look around and the players aren’t sure they want to see the world that will result if their characters are successful. The more success, the less satsifaction.

So if they want to go a dark direction, I use the anti-hero solution; you are a hero, because no matter how screwed up you are, the things you’re fighting are way worse; even considering your excesses, you’re better for the status quo than your foes are.

So, if I had to pitch my idea in one paragraph, it would look like this:

Cthulu Mythos vs. Warhammer Chaos. The Mythos has been involved on Earth forever, and through a shift in reality, now the aether of the Warp has engulfed Earth. Mythos was there first, and it’s Chaos’s turn now.  Best part: you look to your players, and say, “which side to you want to be on?”

So either you have cultists of Cthulu and agents of Nyrlathotep using Azathothian spells against demons, or you have cultists aspiring to be champions, gifted by their dark gods, invoking wild daemonic powers to crush the frail wizards and cultists and their summoned monsters.

I could unpack this, but I trust you to work that out on your own. It’s a deep chest of “teh awesomesauce.”

This was too hilarious not to share.









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One Response to Best Anti-Hero Idea I’ve Ever Had

  1. Yup, it’s a cool idea. The Chaos side even has four different themes to choose from for more “fun”.

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