Anyone want to review “Fictive’s Talents and Templates”?

As I often say, “It’s always snowing in the inbox.” The idea being new things pour in over the old and bury them. So it’s often helpful to reach down and pull something up and dust it off, and put it on the surface, so the snow can begin to bury it again.

It has been a while since I posted “Fictive’s Talents and Templates” and then upgraded to 1.1 with lots and lots of new stuff (17 pages of new material.) At first I was going to make a pool of open talents–then I made 30 new templates and made many of those talents available instead. (Including the original seven, that’s 37–you can randomize with 4d10…)

If people have looked at it and thought about using it (or, better yet, used it) I would really like to hear what people disliked or liked. I had my own design ideas as I undertook the project, and I have my own thoughts about how it turned out.

I think I kept the breezy spirit of the original game, and the flavor of the talents, and the vague attention to balance but not in a mathematical way or at the expense of fun. Also, tightened the actual playability of some elements, and provided system where it would help rather than hinder. Plus adding a whole non-violent dimension of system to the game (which I appreciate Matt Jackson noting here two months ago.)

I do wonder how OSH players experience the effort, though. Whether it comes across in the rules-light spirit of the original, or whether it misses the boat for most OSH players and becomes a “splat book” or clutters the scene unhelpfully.

This question is on my mind as I work on the book for DMs, “Fictive’s Book of Power.” I mean, I’m going to do it anyway, but I’d like some feedback on the player book before finishing the DM book.

A Prize! I think there should be a prize. The first person to review the book can decide whether or not I make a template for the Mariachi. This template would be the unholy love child of the Risus mini-game here and the Desperado movie. (For comedy; otherwise, look at the bard.)

That should get the blood moving, one way or the other.

"Not sure I WANT to be playable in Old School Hack..."

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