OSH Horseback!

Kirin Robinson did not include rules for horses and riding and fighting on horseback in his original rules. They are totally trim, with no room for the inevitable complexity some people want to add to such matters.

While you can answer choruses of “But it is only logical that–” or “It doesn’t make any sense unless you–” or “Yeah, well, in the real world that’s–” by telling players how it is, and charging or giving Awesome Points, some few will want more structure.

To honor the rules-light approach, and also provide some great rules for those who want a little more structure, I’ve got the basics and the expanded version.


A horse has 2 wounds and a base AC 8.

  • A horse can carry 2 normal riders, or 1 rider with up to 3 loads (total 6 loads.) The saddle is free.
  • Mounting or dismounting is a move action.
    • Falling from a  horse, take 1 wound per speed, and ignore 1 wound with a Brawn test difficulty 7.
    • Staying mounted takes a move action
  • Being on horseback is being in an arena within an arena; attacking a mounted foe, or from horseback, counts as being in a hazardous environment.
    • Against a lower, unmounted foe, gain +2 to hit or +1 wound after rolling to attack.
  • A horse can move 1, 2, or 3 arenas in 1 move action.
    • A horse can only move 3 if it has less than 6 loads.
    • Riders on a moving horse can declare they are riding, then act as they wish in the round, getting one action (out of order if desired) as the horse moves.
    • Attacking in melee from horseback is +1 wound per current speed of the horse.
  • Controlling your horse, roll 1d12 as a free action against a difficulty set by the DM.
  • The horse can attack as a heavy weapon with no bonus to hit, instead of the rider acting.

OSH Horses is a .pdf with more detail, for those interested in such things.

(Yeah, and eventually we’ll get to THIS!)

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