“Iron Chef Adventure Challange!”

You can see the challenge here. When I got my cards, every one was a character, and they spanned from 3rd to 17th level across Forgotten Realms, AD&D 2E, Grayhawk, and Fading Suns.

I figured out how to include every one of them, but I left out the druid who prefers to spend time as a seal. (She is no doubt off somewhere else barking and swimming and whatnot.) The characters clustered around druid types, cleric types, and–whatever is going on with Fading Suns.

Otherwise, all the cards in the pack are included in a setting document that recounts the bitter tragedy of a religious conflict that, while tragic, hints at a darker underlying mystery that is centuries old and still begs to be solved.

Enjoy! The War for Time.

To honor the terms of the deal, here’s a summary of the cards I had. Ask any questions you like about this, in the comments; I’m not sure how much to include. Here we go!

(Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Ed is AD&D. Forgotten Realms is FG. Dark Sun is DS. Grayhawk is G.)

  • 445. Galfrey Kaarne, 14th level Priest of Mystra. FG
    • M. Human, friend of High Lady of Silverymoon, always “attempting new heights in prophetic clairvoyance.”
  • 446. Celadae, 7th level priest. FG
    • F. Human, Joan of Arc style, Torm the True.
  • 447. Irongrod. 7th level priest. G
    • M. Dwarf, lives in secret in orc-conquered lands, rebel.
  • 448. Riccih Thicctoh, 17th level shaman. AD&D
    • M. Human, no equipment, mutters to himself, welcoms people to his camp to rest and hear drum solos.
  • 449. The Old Man. 16th level polar shaman. AD&D
    • M. Human, no one knows his name, really ancient, villagers believe he is crazy; magic polar bear armor.
  • 450. Trilliana, 3rd level druid. AD&D
    • F. Human, “raised by wolves.” Doesn’t talk. Speculation, “she may be a student of the elements themselves.”
  • 568. Ginsese, 5th level priest. G
    • F. Half-orc, born human cursed with orc blood, cleric of Ralishaz, the Unlooked For. Likes taverns and gambling.
  • 569. Donvanalo, 6th level priest. G
    • F. Elf, likes music and purifying her religion. Cuthbert.
  • 570. Mistletan, 8th level druid. FG
    • M. Half-elf, lone forest guardian.
  • 571. Liana, 4th level druid. AD&D
    • F. Human, body painting poacher hunter.
  • 572. Mantiera, 7th level druid. FG (only one I didn’t use)
    • F. Human, likes to be a seal…
  • 654. Azhul the Hasty, 5th level fighter. DS
    • M. Half-giant, soldier guard.
  • 655. Anavias of the Split Rock, 5th psionicist. DS
    • F. Human, from slave to ruler.
  • 656. Chividal. 4th/4th cleric/psionicist. DS
    • M. Halfling. Wacky hair. ????
  • 657. Vaerhirmana. 3rd/34d fighter/preserver. DS
    • F. Half-elf, slave building a ziggurat.
  • 658. T’kkyl, 5th gladiator. DS
    • M. Thri-Kreen, slave building a ziggurat.
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