OSH: Road to Baffram adventure report.

Last night the adventurers braved the Road to Baffram! The actual play report is here.

We learned new things about goblins, that I will note here.

  • Goblins have a third, very small lung, that allows them to make a hollering noise like “hobbalobbahobbalobbalobba” while sprinting, to locate one another in the twisting dark tunnels they’re from.
  • The goblin word for human rutting is “grunty bumping.” They consider their own asexual budding process, or sometimes  a female laying eggs for the male to visit, both being more romantic.
  • Tubes of authentic “goblin oil” (that goblins can only make when inspired by respect and affection for another) is highly prized by married couples. For some unknown reason.
    • It is extraordinarily irritating when squeezed into the eyes of monsters.
  • It is apparently possible, through a process like fungal infection, for a human to become part goblin.
  • Goblins are accustomed to sewer-like conditions, and can breathe from the very tip of their noses when necessary to remain hidden under”water”.

We had a great time last night. And all this goblin learning is like “Marty Stouffer’s Wild America” for my Old School Hack world!

Hm. I need to come up with a Mark Trail type for my Old School Hack world. And name the world. Always something more to do…

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