OSH Example of Play!

And here we have it! An Example of Play! What is it really like to make characters and play in Old School Hack? How does it flow at the table? My example may help to clarify and answer some of those very questions.

The Old School Hack forums muse about how it would be useful to have an example of play. Here is a lengthy example, that would not go in a rule book, but takes advantage of the elbow space of the internet. Incidentally, since I’m the one doing the example of play, it uses Old School Hack: the Fictive Way rules.

The example uses my scenario, The Road to Baffram (which is the first Old School Hack scenario ever written, to my knowledge.) It begins with the generated characters and goes through the end of the first big battle. If people are interested, I can continue with part 2, where characters will start to level…

Six characters. Four randomly generated templates based on the chart in the table of contents (with a magic user and cleric added to show how spellcasting works). Characters listed alphabetically by template. Attributes rolled and assigned one by one. Starting talent randomized. Gender randomized. Decision on pack based on Brawn, ability to carry heavy objects. Weaponry and armor uses common sense, with those relying on ranged attacks or lots of Awesome Points not taking armor. Random motives.

Let the example begin! Example of Play 1

Let's Make Characters!

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2 Responses to OSH Example of Play!

  1. matthew says:

    your example of play is awesome! i’ve been lurking on the boards and combing through your website. i’m in love with OSH and a fan of your fictive hacks – and now this has given me a complete picture of what play looks like. i was especially having trouble with the economy of APs, but this has made it clear. thanks!

  2. fictivite says:

    I’m glad that’s helpful. I need to go back through this and update the way attributes are used, and clean up a few other things (which is why this one is not on my OSH resources page.) Great to hear from you, thanks for checking in.

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