Mining the Fighting Video Games for OSH Talents!

Moves you have to power up are focus actions. Sneaking in a move action can disrupt an attack action. A defend action can reduce damage. You can throw energy bolts.

As I continue looking for sources outside Dungeons and Dragons and related genre products to expand the hilarious fun available in Old School Hack, I dip into video games about combat, looking for their commonalities.

The abilities work in normal combat or in duels, and they mix with other talents–I didn’t need to make new base templates, these can be added to other character types, greatly expanding their utility.

For the restricted talents, I’ll add those to the restricted talent lists in both my modern game and the Talents and Templates book.

Here is the flavor text:

This list of restricted and exclusive talents is a collection of abilities that trainers of the Tournament of Veils teach. These mysterious trainers take on students, who then participate in duels on their home dimensions, until they are powerful enough to also participate in inter-dimensional tournaments.

 All kinds of adventurers are chosen by these strange trainers; monks, fighters, cosmic channelers, monsters, ninja, and so on. Duelists are not given a new inherent ability; they always did something else before they did this. These abilities never count as base template talents. They can be upgraded with the improved talent system.

It’s a natural fit. Playing video games with duels, you want to see and do awesome over-the-top stuff. And look! A rules-lite system that can take the tiresome math and the sore thumbs out of it; and while you can have duels, you can also take them out of the 2d scroll or 3d platforms.

Here is the draft working document of how to do video game style duels using Old School Hack!

OSH Rhythm and Distance

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2 Responses to Mining the Fighting Video Games for OSH Talents!

  1. grognard says:

    I thought what made 4e “piss poor” (to quote fellow grognards and OSR people like you) was its looking for ideas from computer games? Isn’t it a bit hypocritical to rubbish 4e then promote your silly retro-clone, which is in itself just a rip-off of a rip-off of someone else’s work from thirty years, using video game ideas?

  2. fictivite says:

    I think this is my first insulting comment on the blog. I must be reaching a wider audience. Anyway, on the off chance this isn’t just trolling, here are some thoughts.

    1. 4e. I’m not an “edition warrior” and I don’t insult other games on this blog. I figure people should play what’s fun. Personally, I wouldn’t play 4e or basic D&D either; it’s really not my style.

    2. Looking for ideas. Hey, find them wherever you can, it keeps the mind flexible. I like taking an elegant system like OSH and saying, “Can it do this? How about this? What would this look like?”

    3. Hypocritical promotion. I’m even worse than you suggest–I’m promoting my support material for someone else’s rip-off. As the creator said, it is “A table-top roleplaying system that’s a hack of a hack of the original Red Box version of a certain popular hack-and-slash fantasy game. That’s a lot of hacking.” The ripping off goes deeper and deeper!

    4. My main focus here is Old School Hack. Even if you squint, it’s not going to resemble D&D rules-wise or stylistically; the only way it gets into the “OSH” at all (if it even does) is because the focus is on rulings and it is rules-light, and uses the usual D&D cliches for characters.

    In conclusion, why are you even here? If your opinion of what I’m doing here is so low, go read a book or something. Don’t waste your time on me, go do something you like doing with your free time. I’ll continue doing the same.

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