OSH: Using Two Weapons

 The basic Old School Hack rules have shields used as damage-stoppers, cashing them in once or twice and they’re done. They are ablative emergency measures. I have a higher opinion of shields than that–so here are my shield rules for Old School Hack. (They also function as damage-stopping emergency measures, but now characters can do more with the shields before they shatter.)

Also, rules for using a weapon in each hand. That’s awesome, so it belongs in the game. I’ve kept it simple but flexible, hopefully matching the system seamlessly.

Shield Attack. A shield can be used as a weapon by itself, or with a light weapon, a heavy weapon, or a reach weapon.

  • A light shield used offensively allows you to roll an extra 1d10 to hit.
    • Used with a light weapon, roll 4d10 and keep the highest two results.
    • Used with other weapons, roll 3d10 and keep the highest two results.

    A heavy shield used offensively does +1 wound if you roll 5 or more above the target’s AC.

Shield Cover. Using “Protect or Defend” the shield grants an additional +2 to AC (stacking with the +2 AC for protecting or defending, total +4), but no offensive advantage on a counterattack. This works against ranged attacks.

Parrying Weapons. A parrying weapon must be light, and it can be used with a light or heavy weapon in the other hand.

  • Used offensively, the parrying weapon can grant +2 to hit or +1 wound damage. You decide after you roll.
  • Used defensively, the parrying weapon can grant +2 AC or grant a counter-attack with 1d10 to hit. Neither works against ranged attacks.
    • If you are using the “Defend” action and get a counter-attack with 2d10 to hit, the parrying weapon is used offensively with that attack instead of granting a second attack.
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