I can’t begin to list everything I have to be thankful for.

Since this is a game blog, I will express my thanks for a few relevant advantages I enjoy.

  • I am married to a woman who not only understands role playing games, but actively enjoys them.
    • What’s more, she gravitates to the darker and more complex morally gray games that are very satisfying to me but have traditionally been a turn-off for many in each of my past game groups (including my current one).
    • She loves her characters, her characters tend to fall in love with NPCs I play, and she digs the hobby.
    • I don’t take that for granted. It gives me more space to work on this hobby, and it is something we can do together and something we can share.
  • I have a regular game group.
    • They are willing to show up for games, consistently scheduling them in and prioritizing them. And they show up over time, over the course of years, to build the back stories and allow me stability in my games.
    • They respect my time boundaries; we have a deal. They show up so we can get started at or near the start time, and I wrap things up so they can leave before, at, or worst case scenario, a little after the published end time.
    • I have an open table and a “master class” table; a ridiculous luxury for a game master/designer.
    • At varying levels, they contribute their anticipation, enthusiasm, and occasionally, joy. This is at the foundation of my reward for services rendered.
  • I do game design.
    • I am grateful to be gifted with the ability to design systems and keep within my field of vision three factors:  playability, mechanical balance, and fun.
    • I am grateful I have been able to make time to work on my system and also work on Old School Hack.
    • I am grateful to have playtesters.
    • I am grateful for
    • I am grateful to WordPress, so I can share with all of you and have an online place to put these things.
    • I am grateful to Kirin Robinson for putting together Old School Hack, an inspirational game I am proud to support with additional depth and supplemental stuff.
  • I am grateful for other blogs.
    • Top of the list are those to the left, my blogroll of muses who continue to do thoughtful and entertaining work that inspires and motivates echoing effort on my part.
    • I appreciate being mentioned in other places, encouraging people to come check out what I’m doing in this corner of the web.

From a rocky house-ruled start in gaming in junior high through sparse games in high school and intensive gaming through college and beyond, followed by a couple years off with a job change, and then back into it in 2008… I’ve had a long, glorious history with this hobby.

I’ve played Basic D&D and 3E, Chill (Pacesetter and Mayfair), Aberrant, Beyond the Supernatural, Rifts, TMNT and Other Strangeness, Robotech, Star Wars with WEG all editions and d20, Warhammer with Hogshead Games and Green Ronin edition, a friend’s home brew “Gamers” system, all versions of  Vampire before the Gehenna reboot, tangentially including other World of Darkness elements (also Dark Ages and Werewolf Wild West), Call of Cthulu (Chaosium), Men in Black… That’s all I can think of at the moment.

I have designed a game system designed to build and play “movie” game sessions and franchises, expandable to tv series style, called Tryptich. I have designed an intricate game system designed to do Western style with fantasy elements called “The Reaches.” I have built Masks, another system, from the bones of an original system and expanded it greatly, transforming it, and designing it to handle fantasy, science fiction, super hero games–whatever. The core is built on doing normal people, and then there are modular systems so you can use that base and point it at many genres. And I have built a small mountain of material designed for Old School Hack: the Fictive Way.

Today, celebrate what you have. For a moment, allow the flaws and vexations to surrender your gaze, and instead focus on the advantages that surround you. Your vexations will be there tomorrow. For today? This hobby is great, and you are fortunate to be involved in playing.


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