Old School Hack Wants a More Fun Sheet

Dyson Logos posted this back in June before I knew who the heck Kirin Robinson was, or anything about Old School Hack. But I remembered a post about pocket mod character sheets, and went back to look, because we could really use a more fun sheet for Old School Hack.

First, we could have something pretty on a single page, like this but with more appropriate information.

What would make me really happy would be a well-thought-out and attractive pocket mod sheet like this one. I mean, the first page could have the base template and the 6 stats, then have a place to sketch out talents, adventuring goals, current weapons and armor (and AC), inherent ability…

To really please me, this sheet would have room for two inherent abilities, and languages, and musical instruments known, and scars; incorporate some of the Fictive additions to the base OSH information. Everything on my sheet.

Barsoomcore is featured on my Old School Hack resource page with several pocket mods, and every time I’ve handed out pocket mods with the player’s handbook they have brought smiles to my players’ faces. How much more so, then, a pocket mod character sheet?

Who’s up to the challenge?

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3 Responses to Old School Hack Wants a More Fun Sheet

  1. Believe it or not, but a re-doing of the OSH character sheet is at the top of my “get back into it” work on Old School Hack!

    The family’s halfway through the renovation/move (largely the life-occupying event that’s been leaving me MIA for so long now) but we’re over the hump so I’m looking forward to getting back into it.

  2. Chugosh says:

    I had to snag your players handbook and character sheet. Awesome point flung out at you.
    Kirin, I know what you mean. Just moved into my place a few months ago and still getting organized. Keep the hack coming! It is truly a breath of good air in a dank and dark place.

  3. fictivite says:

    @ kirin: Maybe you could make 2 versions of the sheet: one that is landscape to fit everything else you did, and one that is a pocket mod. I do my stuff portrait because I go 2 sided and that’s frustrating to read and use in play with landscape. Also, it’s hard for me to read tiny type; anything under 10 point is a real effort, especially if it is gray. My 2 coppers!

    Also, I imagine you’ll make the character sheets to fit the basic game–while that’s great, I need something a little different to fit my modifications. Would you be interested in making a Fictive version?

    I hope you get moved and settled soon, it’s good to have that sort of thing sorted out.

    @ Chugosh: Yeah, I think the player handbook by barsoomcore is very cool (which is why I linked to it) but I can’t take credit for it. I can for the sheet, though, glad you like it!

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