OSH: Scrolls and Potions

Scrolls and potions! I’ve drafted up some possibilities for how they work in Old School Hack, to take greatest advantage of the unique flavor of the system.

Labled scrolls or potions are worth 200-300 gold pieces. Unlabeled (and unidentified) are worth about 100-150 gold pieces. As always, it depends on what the market will support, in a world with no magic shops. (If you have magic shops in your world, feel free to retool the generic mystic economy to fit.)

Scrolls. A scroll can contain a single spell from any school of magic.

  • Learning the Spell. When a wizard finds a scroll, the wizard can spend 3 Awesome Points that do not count towards leveling, to learn the spell after at least 12 hours of study, as a talent when the wizard levels. This does not damage the scroll.
  • Casting From the Scroll. A wizard can drain all magic from the scroll once and spend 3 Awesome Points, casting the spell as though it was an unlearned talent from the wizard’s base template. The spell works normally, but the scroll then disintegrates.

Potions. A potion takes a focus action to drink. Most also take a focus action to go into effect. Some potent potions fit in a smaller space, and can be downed like a shot glass as a Defend action. The effects can be adjusted by the DM for specific potions as desired—these are general categories.

  •  Awesome Sauce. This potion grants 2d5 Awesome Points to the drinker.
  • Cosmic Insight. Gain a level immediately. Take 1 wound for every 2 Awesome Points you would have had to spend.
  • Healing Potions. Drinking this potion either restores 1d5 wounds, or 1 wound if down to 0-2. This healing does not count against the daily total.
  • Liquid Rest. These popular potions count as “rest” and recharge all rested talents. Each one reduces the drinker by 1 wound until the drinker sleeps for 6 hours.
  • Liquid Training. Gain its talent immediately, replacing the talent you’ll get when you next level. It can be common or restricted—rumors of a few that teach exclusive talents excite drinkers.
  • Reverse Potions. They do the opposite of what they were meant to do; drain all rested talents, inflict 1d5 wounds, suck out 2d5 Awesome Points, yank 1 level away, “forget” a talent, and other horrors.
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