Last week my little family contracted a nasty cold, and by the middle of the week it was my turn. So my scheduled posts ran out, and I’ve been recovering my health. (I had to cancel my Friday game night! It MUST be bad.)

In the meantime, I’ve used what creative energy was still at my disposal to work on “Fictive’s Talents and Templates 2.0” which I expect to release this year. It is currently at 105 pages, so it’ll be at least 20 pages more than last time. I’ll go into more detail later.

When I get 2.0 done, I promise to leave it alone for a year! The main reason I’ve been changing it so much is that with the additional benefit of playtesting and conversation on the forums, I’ve had lots of good opportunity to see what works and what doesn’t and what’s needed. I still look forward to playtesting my mounted rules, if nothing else, before releasing this.

No map today. I’ll get back into the groove later this week.

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