OSH: The Forgotten God(s)

The Unknown God(s)

 Some clerics worship nature spirits, or The Source, or a demon prince, or the Outer Gods, or the Great Old Ones, or a tiki idol, or whatever. The following talents are not a Canticle; they are individual spells that a cleric may learn from their patron divine source.

  •  Banishment.** Rested. Tear time-space open in your arena or an adjacent arena (but only one). Then 1d10+your level wounds of creatures are yanked out of your dimension. Only whole creatures are taken. The DM decides which ones go.
  • Divine Mouthpiece.** Rested. The gravity of speaking for a divine source can lead to respect in believers and non-believers alike. Gather your energies as a focus action, then for the next persuasive task or ceremony, add Commitment and Charm together to test either.
  • Divine Protection.**Rested. Once per game session, you get lucky. An unobtrusive escape route opens up, a fatal hit does not land, you meet a friend in a surprising context, weather cooperates, or you get some other windfall of luck.
  • Façade.**Rested. Manipulate mundane and supernatural circumstances to affect perception of strength and weakness, projecting or hiding either. Few have any idea how potent your divine source really is. Tell the DM how strong or weak the target thinks you and your forces are.
  • Fertility.** Rested. Cast in a 12 hour ritual. One person becomes fertile for 24 hours, a farm’s crops will have a higher yield, a herd animal will be more productive for a year, and so on.
  • Protection Circle.** Rested. Take 1 hour per Commitment to make a circle of protection up to 1 meter per Commitment across, and decide what it protects against.  Then, at a later time, the circle takes 1 focus action by the caster (or a cleric of the same divine source) to activate. The circle has an AC of the caster’s Commitment x4 that must be overcome to enter the circle. Ranged attacks cannot go in. Magic attacks that succeed against the circle reduce it by 1 Commitment, shrinking it and lowering its AC.
  • Recall Secret.** Rested. Take an hour of prayer with an appropriate sacrifice, and learn 1 lost secret from your divine source.
  • Religious Fervor.** Rested. If a character or group owes you a debt, and you accept no payment except asking for their religious fervor, they accept a level of enthusiasm for your divine source. The greater the debt, the more long-lasting and passionate their fervor.
  • Resurrect.** Rested. A ceremony takes 24 hours of constant prayer and meditation. You, someone else, and the target all lose 1 from an Attribute. Each person chooses which Attribute is affected. The dead character rises with 1 wound. Missing limbs remain missing. The body cannot have been dead more than a month, and it must be present for the spell to work.
  • Smite.** Rested. Focus action. One target in your arena or an adjacent arena takes 1 wound per your level, and loses 1 round of acting and any magic enhancements.

This will be in “Fictive’s Talents and Templates” revision coming out soon. One inspiration for the Unknown God(s) concept is Gay-Ho, Great Patriarch of Hakuna, and his Tiki god. This should also add to the toolkit DMs have for building their own deity spell lists if they are so inclined.

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