OSH: Attribute Limits by Race

The following will be included in “Fictive’s Talents and Templates 2” to be released before the end of the year.

Attributes at generation can be up to +5. I think it is reasonable to make the human limit 8–that’s half again more than the starting maximum, and 8 has a generous effect on game mechanics.

Here is a chart with the maximums for each attribute for each race in “Fictive’s Talents and Templates.” (I know it is too tiny to use, I include the chart here to give you a sense of what I’m up to; it will be plenty big enough in the book.)

To allow play up to higher levels, then, we must have things for characters to spend that +1 attribute on each time they level up. So far, I allow them to learn languages, learn to play musical instruments with great proficiency, and allow them to lump the bonus in with the new talent to gain a wound or pick up an occupational talent. Still, that’s not enough different ways to absorb that +1 attribute every level.

I have devised five backgrounds that can be purchased with that +1 attribute upon leveling up.

  • Contacts. Access to information (research or current events) as well as henchmen, equipment, transportation, and meetings with shy people.
  • Domain. Territory controlled by the character, appropriate to the character type.
  • Favor. A government, organization, settlement, or individual thinks well of the character and is positioned to offer help.
  • Legendary Object. Life force infused into objects near and dear to the character, gaining an advantage upon completion of a quest.
  • Wealth Management. Invest money into an enterprise, so it can generate more money (as long as the investment doesn’t suffer setbacks.)

I will unpack these in later entries.


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