OSH: Backgrounds. Contacts.

The following will be included in “Fictive’s Talents and Templates 2″ to be released before the end of the year.

Contacts are people in a network that the character has met while adventuring, who are willing to help.

Upon leveling, the character can forego the +1 to an attribute, and get 1-4 points of Contacts, depending on the power of the network.

  • 4 points: a group with little to offer.
  • 3 points: a group with local resources.
  • 2 points: a group with specific expertise or local power.
  • 1 point: a powerful group.

To use the Contacts, the player rolls 1d12 +1 per Contacts rating.

  • The player can add 25 gold to get +1 on the roll, before rolling, using some money to sweeten the deal for the existing relationship.
  • After rolling, the character can insist and lean on relationships, weakening them; each 1 Contacts rating sacrificed after rolling adds +2 to the roll.

Here are the basic difficulties to get help from Contacts,  based on what the character wants. (The DM can feed the bowl to increase the difficulty based on other circumstances.) Failure can mean inability to get in touch, or inability to get cooperation, interpreted by the DM.

  • 3. No risk. Common knowledge. Basic equipment and transportation. Overnight shelter for a small group.
  • 6. Moderate risk. Protected information. Could get someone’s life ruined. Specialty equipment. Transportation through secured areas. Longer term or better accommodations. Harboring a person of interest.
  • 9. Risky. Costly information that could get someone killed. Rare equipment. Smuggling through high security (prison break.) Harboring a fugitive.
  • 12. Dangerous. Sharing this information will cause the contact to lose power and face danger.
  • 15. Too hot. Even talking to the character is life-threatening.
  • Add +3 difficulty each time after the first that Contacts are used within an adventure or a week.

Contacts may be able to provide henchmen, equipment, transportation, shelter,  and an introduction to meet someone shy or connected.

Here are some sample contact groups. The number is how many points of “Contact” a character would get by spending the attribute point on them. These groups can be made up on the fly, and they can overlap.

  • Pembriss Scholars. (1) An elven lore center, they have incredible stores of ancient legendry and primary sources. A deep network of adventurers is in their hire, finding out information about wealth and danger on a wide-spread basis on sea lanes.
  • Khuselb Wizards. (2) Can provide enchanted potions, research into divinatory lore, travel conditions along the Fydria trade route, contacts in Baffram.
  • Gellsetch Auction House. (2) Can provide shady labor and experts, buyers for rare antiquities, access to fenced goods and magic, rumors from the criminal and law communities of Baffram and surrounding areas.
  • Baffram Court. (2) Noble intrigues, invitations to parties, the best gossip, contract services nobles use (including guards, entertainers, criminals, crooked lawmen, private investigators, wizards, etc.)
  • Fydria Traders. (3) Contacts along the trade route collect information about what goods are moving, who is wealthy, who is criminal, who is mysterious, and what opportunities and resources exist up and down the long, long trade route.
  • Hobbin Sheriffs of Medria. (3) Anything that happens near or within the boundaries of Medria, the hobbin enclave, is known to the sheriffs. They also gossip freely with hobbin that travel in the surrounding areas, whether attached to the wealthy as cooks and entertainers, or keeping a low profile and listening in on local threats. They can provide excellent food and shelter, and they have access to many grateful merchants.
  • Nhel’s Trade District. (4) The slums and back shops of Nhel, poorest quarter of Baffram. Sure, people hear things sometimes. More often, there are friends here who will hide you, get you equipment, help locate expertise for criminal activity, and spread the word on your behalf in Baffram.
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