OSH: Backgrounds. Legendary Object.

The following will be included in “Fictive’s Talents and Templates 2″ to be released before the end of the year.

Legendary objects represent daring adventurers putting part of their essence in a chosen object that has been through adventures with them.

Upon leveling at the end of a quest, the character can forego the +1 to an attribute, and give a piece of gear a mystical advantage. This doesn’t work with any random item at hand, it must be something that is near and dear to the character and has emotional and symbolic significance.

A character can put any number of advantages into an object (maximum one at the end of each quest upon leveling) but cannot put the same advantage on an object twice. Here is a list of advantages.

  • +1 to hit.
  • Conditional +2 to hit (against spellcasters, against reptiles, etc.)
  • +1 wound.
  • Conditional +2 wounds.
  • Put one of your talents in the object.
    • If a constant talent the bearer also has, add 1 improvement.
    • If arena or rested talent the bearer also has, add 1 use.
    • If someone who does not have that talent uses the object, they can use the talent.
  • Recharge 1 rested talent.
  • Reduce 1 Awesome Point cost for a favorite Awesome Point costing action.
  • Protection from 1 special attack, up to 1 wound or +2 resistance.
  • Summon a magical being once.

Good candidates include the weapon used to kill a dragon taking on some of its power, a good-luck charm from the character’s deceased mother offering protection, a cleric’s holy symbol being more profoundly blessed by the god, and so on.

Not only is this a great way to allow characters to make their gear more advantageous, it also is a way to create magic equipment with a story behind it, as other adventurers make these items and then die, lose them, or pass them on to their students or successors.

You may remember the cannon and war donkey, and the possibilities for making it magical. After talking it over with the player, he definitely wanted a magic cannon, and while some of the options were intriguing, what he really wanted was a cannon that had the talent “Powdermaster” so it would be much less vulnerable to misfiring. With this rule set, that can be done!

But it had to be enchanted by someone who went on a quest. I invented Phagro the Peg Legged, a pirate who could not handle boarding actions after a shark bit his leg off. So, he manned the cannon crews below-decks, and he had a favorite cannon he used to kill all sorts of monsters.

He gave this cannon to his son when he retired (he wouldn’t need it to have Powdermaster for his benefit, as he had the talent and passed it on into the gun.) Fortunately, his son is an idiot, and now the gun is on the market, and Tulip snatched it up and had it modified.

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