OSH: From Magic User to Wizard

I have always winced a bit at the term “magic user.” It takes the most esoteric and mysterious of classes and turns it sort of utilitarian; like calling a fighter a “weapon/armor user” and a cleric a “god user.”

They could be mages, wizards, sorcerers, keepers of the Flame of Anor, spellcasters, enchanters, magicians–surely we can do better than “magic user.”

So for “Fictive’s Talents and Templates 2” I am replacing the Magic User with the Wizard.

Also, I wanted to give the wizard the same kind of face-lift I gave the cleric. With the cleric, I gave the base template talent/spells that would be generally useful for all faiths, then put specific spell lists for gods in “canticles.” With wizard, I’m taking the original spell list and putting it in a “grimore” and I’m replacing the base template talents with more stereotypical wizard stuff.

The exception: I’m moving “Book of Power” out to the “General” talents. Why? Because anyone can get a Book of Power. Because if you have a talent that requires an object you don’t have, you can’t just spend 3 Awesome Points to access it even though you don’t have it (or if you can, that’s absurd, even for Old School Hack), and that reduces the flexibility of the template.

So, I added a talent to replace it in the grimore that receives the original Magic User talents:

  • Mystic Reinforcement.Rested. Gain +1 per level casting a spell that requires a roll, or do +1 wound with a spell that deals damage.

I am very pleased with the new baseline wizard talents I designed. You can see them here, along with the grimore entry for the previous talents (so they are not lost.)

OSH Wizard template

OSH Robinihak Grimore

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