“Fictive’s Talents and Templates, 2012 Edition” is posted!

Fictive’s Talents and Templates 2012

I wanted to post by the end of the year, and here it is. The second edition, the one I am going to leave alone for a year. (It is on the “Old School Hack Resources” page, or you can click on the nameplate above.)

At 117 pages, it’s 30 pages longer than the last version. It includes all the player rules for Old School Hack, everything but monster rules and the tracker. I don’t think it is helpful to exhaustively list everything in the book, but I can say it has 40 templates, and backgrounds you can add to characters instead of continuously pumping their Attributes up.

The magic system is deeper, with generic wizard and cleric talents supplemented by 6 schools of magic and 5 deities with their own spell lists, as well as a list of general cleric spells to make generalists or add to the functionality of existing clerics. Plus I’ve added scrolls, potions, and a huge pile of magic items (including weapons and armor).

Now there are fast and simple rules for climbing, swimming, intimidation, inspiration, and more. I offer rulings I’ve made in-game that can serve to guide other DMs in similar situations. I developed some quick and easy rules for beasts of burden, including carts and wagons and coaches and so on.

And the talents! I divided them into 3 categories: open, restricted, and exclusive. And you can upgrade them. I have lists of open and restricted talents to browse. The 40 templates are divided into 28 human templates and 12 other race templates, including attribute caps and ways to be half-breed. There are literally hundreds of new talents.

I have made minor adjustments to the combat, increasing the functionality of shields and allowing for opposed tests of strength for the Push move, as well as adding a strong element of mounted combat.

Even if you have looked at a previous edition, take some time and browse through this one. If you like Old School Hack, you may find this inspirational. I found Old School Hack inspirational the first time I read through it, and I want you to feel a deep reverberation of my delight at the system’s functionality as you see how I extended that functionality further.

So… what do you think?

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6 Responses to “Fictive’s Talents and Templates, 2012 Edition” is posted!

  1. Claytonian says:

    I think file not found!

  2. fictivite says:

    I believe I’ve fixed it. Thanks for letting me know there’s a problem.

  3. Downloaded fine. Thanks 🙂

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