Maptacular Monday: Miranda Class Cruiser General Plans

For Christmas, I got the Miranda Class Cruiser General Plans I’ve been wanting for a couple years now. You can find them here.

I’m not a Trekkie, but I do like Star Trek. I would like to run a Star Trek game. My brother had a Trek game going a couple years back, and I stepped in for a session, and that combined with my existing love for the Miranda class ship and Trek generally to give me an itch to run a Trek game.

Geography inspires adventure. Maps inspire stories. And now that I have the fantastic plans for the Miranda in hand, they do not disappoint.

Knowing that the Intelligence office and briefing room is right next to the forward observation lounge inspires visions of meetings before and after official meetings to work out malleable alliances in full view of the silent stars. The senior officer lounge has steps up to a balcony with two corner seating areas; an interesting place for the tactical officer to choose as his hangout, where other senior officers might look for him.

On Deck 3, on the starboard side, the archeology and linguistics labs are across from the library and the specialized passenger staterooms. What might happen in THAT hallway? On the port side, the sociology lab and anthropology lab are across from the arts center. So in leaving the anthropology lab puzzling over researching an artifact, you might drop in to the Arts center to see a crewman has made a weirdly exact copy of the highly classified artifact you’re working with!

People are familiar with the transporter pads, but what about the 22 pad emergency transporters next to them? How intriguing to note that the recreation deck has a game room with programmable tables, a gym, and a pool, and a level above that is all lounge, overlooking each of those areas?

You can show people the layout of their quarters. Junior officers and crewmen share bathrooms with others–so they might learn things from others quartered near them that they would not otherwise know. The auxiliary control room backed up to the computer core would be a cool place to convene the group to drive home the desperation of the situation if the bridge is trashed.

I doubt I’ll get to run a game of Star Trek in 2012. I’ve got my wife (one of my main players) vaguely interested by intriguing her with the idea of the fun of playing a passive-aggressive Vulcan. And I can get a captain, I think. Still settling on the best system, and what story I’d want to send the crew of a Miranda class ship into. Still. I can work on this in the background, so when the time comes, I’ll be ready.

Maps like this allow a game master to prepare in a way that watching all the shows never would. I’m not going to memorize the ship, but gaining a good familiarity with it allows me to prompt players through skill rolls to have the kind of talent and skill that their characters would have as senior officers of a Starfleet vessel, and provides information that can turn to inspiration for games.

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4 Responses to Maptacular Monday: Miranda Class Cruiser General Plans

  1. mary says:

    That’s great to see that much inspiration spring from location. 🙂

  2. fictivite says:

    From the earliest Trek stuff, you can feel the love for the ship. It’s one of the things that connects Star Trek with the age of sail–the centrality and character of the vessel, its reputation, and the utter interdependence of crew and vehicle in a merciless environment.

    Lose that, you lose one of the deepest resonances in Trek. Get cool deck plans, and find ways of making that resonance real to players.

  3. specter1701 says:

    Why not do an Old School TREK a hack of the hack? or Where No Man has Gone Before? but I’d love to see what you could do with the Hack “system” in a Trek universe.

    PS love your blog and your work with OSH

  4. fictivite says:

    Thanks for checking in! I really enjoy hearing that people like what I’m doing here.

    I think one of the great strengths of Old School Hack is how its rule set interacts with the play style it encourages. With the Trek focus on training, discipline, and technology, I think I’d look for a different system because Awesome Points let you bend reality itself because it’s AWESOME! And in Trek, that doesn’t seem to fit (except for Kirk. And… that’s not how I play.)

    I did a home built system and did a lot of conversion from Last Unicorn to it, so that’s probably what I’d use. Or, my other main home-built system. I think I’ll leave the Hack for my ongoing fantasy work, then get back to using it for slasher movies and mythos investigation… but thanks for the idea, and the link!

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