OSH Template: Nomad

I had one slot left to fill, and I chose Nomad to do it. A home for my horse templates, at last. Granted, not a fun template to have if there are no horses around, but here is a great thing about this game: if there is a template that has talents, then its individual talents can be stolen by other characters. Even if you don’t want to play a character that’s all about the horses, you can take a talent or two so when you are mounted, you rock.

OSH Nomad template

On the Old School Hack front page forum, one person says he likes the layout of the original Old School Hack so well that he won’t use anything not in that format. I guess for me that feels really odd, as I repurpose stuff from many sources and merge it together into my own house version as I work on things. I will not ignore a source of cool stuff because I don’t like the format. But, obviously, I am not typical. And I don’t use iPads and tech when I’m running the game; I use paper. And for me, working on double sided paper, landscape is extremely difficult to manage.

One of the great things about being me is that I have absolutely no obligation to make everyone happy. I do want to make some people happy. I hope that as some DMs and players alike look at the resource I made, they clap their hands and do a little dance as they plan to pull the stuff in and use it to make their games more awesome. That’s gravy. A major reward is that I will use this stuff at my game table. So yeah, the wide interwebs have people I’d like to please. But my game table has people I also want to please. And I want to be proud of what I’ve done.

So, I have no interest in blowing this out of proportion. I can look at someone who disagrees, note that, think about how that affects my process or doesn’t, and then go on about my business. (I pretend that a number of faceless people out there are happy with what they see, and just don’t tell me so. One of the many great things about Matt Jackson is that he comments on my work and isn’t threatened by it.) The man who designed Old School Hack likes my work enough to put me on the permanent sidebar, so I’m not turning sacred cows into baseball gloves.

Bottom line, this is a major creative exercise, over a hundred pages of work, and I am proud of what I have done and satisfied that it has a lot of creativity and skill in it. I know that there are people who will benefit from it, even if I never meet them or hear from them, even if it will be five years from now before they even know this game exists. My work is good, and it will see use. That’s enough.

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4 Responses to OSH Template: Nomad

  1. I think the work you’ve put into this excellent. I’m liking the templates you’ve created.

  2. fictivite says:


    I’ve committed to leave “Fictive’s Talents and Templates” alone for a year. So I’m working on my geomorph stocker right now. I look forward to sharing that too.

  3. kirin says:

    That particular comment bummed me out as well, I hate to think that my presentation of the game actually ended up fighting with its accessibility/hackableness for someone. That’s missing the forest for the trees in my book.

    Please don’t be discouraged! Keep up the great work.

  4. fictivite says:

    Thank you for the encouragement!

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