Rock the Gothmagog, Old School Hack style.

On Monday, I got the Secret Santicore 2011 book and flipped through it (as best I could on the computer.) Piles of great stuff! Not something to chuck in the pantry, but instead something to set in the spice rack.

I saw “Down and Out in Gothmagog” by Jeff Rients, and after carefully reading through it I decided that would be the game I’d run for my Friday night game. So, I adapted it for my use, and for Old School Hack, and here it is!

OSH Down and Out in Gothmagog

I stayed true to Jeff Rients’ foundation. I added some physical description and ages, dropped out some of the random encounters, added in travel from the estate to the city, put in a backup plan if the characters suck as investigators (what?! I know! ALMOST impossible!), used my preferred scenario information organization of nested points, and statted up the whole thing for OSH.

For the journey, I added in elements from Dandy in the Underworld’s rural tavern randomizer (which was not in the Secret Santicore book, but the author had another entry in the book) and Danny Peck’s “Random Encounters in a Spooky Dark Forest” to keep a certain thematic unity to the embellished scenario. And to encourage people to check out the “Secret Santicore 2011” project. Check it out, there’s LOTS of great stuff in there!

This post is scheduled to go up at 1:00 a.m. on Saturday, and I’m scheduled to play until about midnight on Friday–so hopefully I can get you a play report soon.

Thanks to the Secret Santicore project, and specifically to Jeff, for a great bundle of unseasonal treats.

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3 Responses to Rock the Gothmagog, Old School Hack style.

  1. Jez says:

    THAT’s what I like to see, using Santicore for all kinds of gamey stuff. Nice work, and looking forward to the play report.

  2. Jeff Rients says:

    Hey! I’m pleased as punch you found my adventure useful!

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