Old School Hack in Gothmagog

The adventure report is here.

My adventuring party was typical for Old School Hack–the Fictive Way; a scout, a mechanic, and a cosmic channeler. The cosmic channeler is distant offspring of Thogro, goddess of the sea, and his adventuring motive was that a prophecy states he’ll someday judge the world. The mechanic invented a spring-loaded quasi-pneumatic heavy hammer to hit people with, and during the war was stuck repairing airships that returned all banged up, he never got out towards the front, so he’s proving himself now.

The scout got the adventuring motive that he likes to snipe leaders, and he has a -2 Charm. He wanted more than 1 starting weapon, he wanted a rifle and a couple pistols, and improved light armor. Okay, says me, that’s fine, and you’re going to be the second son of Mondaviak looking for your big brother. So bam, I’ve got a hook and an excuse to reuse the estate and family, and the player is complicit in this instead of a victim of my scheming. The wife inherits, and she finds him repulsive (or he’d be in even greater peril–when he leveled, he put +1 in Charm, so I gave him a new roll whether he liked it or not, and he rolled a natural 1; still repulsive, whew.) Still, he returned from the war to go find his brother, and now he’s done that.

Everybody hit second level, and the cosmic channeler was closing in on third.

So, some interesting learnings and rulings on this one!

I used Awesome Points in unusual ways several times.

  • After the climactic battle, I asked if a player was willing to give up 3 Awesome Points to me. Reluctantly, Makon’s player did; I had the gypsies drag Rudolfio back into the clearing, as one of the cultists that chased them off (and they recognized and subdued him.)
  • I gave them a 50-50 chance the old man was dead upon their return, and to twist the knife, let a player roll it. He rolled 5, 1 short. So I allowed them to each give up 2 Awesome Points that did not count towards leveling, and bought him 6 more breaths–just enough.
  • A player wanted to spend Awesome Points not to have an encounter with the Watch, and I did not allow it.

New rulings!

  • On d12 rolls, 1 tilts things in a bad direction even if successful, and 12 tilts things in a good direction.
    • On a side note, I have never seen so many “1” results on Charm tests–there had to be 7 or 8 in 4 hours.
  • If you have put in a day’s work, then to keep going, test Brawn starting at difficulty 7 or 8 and increasing for each additional period of work to add before sleeping/resting. Upon failing, take 1 wound you must rest off.

So if you want to ride all day and investigate and fight all night, there comes a point where you’re draining off Awesome Points to keep going and if you roll poorly enough, you just take that soreness and pain.

All in all, another great session. Thanks, Jeff.

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