Elaborating in Gothmagog.

Another entry for the “Fantastic Locations” RPG Blog Carnival!

I recently ran an adventure in Gothmagog, and while I had sketched out the basics, I embroidered and elaborated and expanded during actual play. I like having the basics down in writing so my creative energy can really flow, instead of using that energy to track the basic direction and events and names etc. of the game.

Student Living

The University of Gothmagog is rectangular, with walls out from the corners and bowed walls connecting those corners, creating four courtyards flanking the venerable institution. The walls radiating from the corners are actually long buildings. Half of one of those ray walls is taken up by Student Living.

The huge tavern is three floors, but each one is two stories tall. At the bottom, the entry area is quite large, and to the side is an area with abundant seating at trestle tables, and alcoves built into the walls. The light comes mostly from a central shaft about 10 meters across that communicates from the top to the bottom.

To the right, upon entering, see the bar. It is three broad stairs up above the floor, so the rowdiness struggles to get up there, and the wait staff have a more protected area for retreating when it gets rough. The bar is a box, with one side connecting to the kitchen (which is out of sight of the main area.)

To the left, the next higher floor was knocked out on that side, and massive zip lines attached in an “x” shape over netting. There is seating on the corners not involving the zip lines. Wooden “horse” seats are mounted from the zip lines, and students can “tilt” over the net, whizzing down the lines and crashing into each other at the cross (if well timed.) This was instituted as an answer for student duelling that occasionally gets out of hand (and there is an area for duels behind the tavern as well, secluded and with easy access to medical aid.)

The second floor has more private dining, for those who come to study or date. It is pleasant enough.

And then the top floor. There is a net spread over the central shaft separating the second and third level. It collects broken furniture and broken students. The beadles (university rent-a-cops) do not go up to the third level. Anything goes, up there. People get flung out into the net, or broken furniture, or there is wild brawling, or other unspeakable activities that are more educational than academic.

My group of adventurers walked into this building looking for any clues about the location of a missing student.

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