Awesomeing up for the “New World.”

My friend agreed to run an Old School Hack game, adapting a premise he used  for several campaigns in another system. The premise is the homeland is suffering from famine, and ships have been sent out to find places to colonize and/or ship food.

The characters for the first arc are mostly prisoners, herded onto ships and sent to an area known only as the “New World” to a military beachhead establishment on an uncharted mysterious area. Upon disembarking, they can rummage through piles of gear stripped from the dead, then they are to scout and explore to see what hunting parties can bring down for food to ship back, and get a sense of the potential dangers and resources of this place.

For the first arc, only humans are available to play. Only the basic Wizard template (no grimores). The two playable Canticles are for the god of war and the god of civilization. No blackpowder.

I made a scholar, and the DM told me that at least one other player made a scholar (and one a thief). Looks like one will make a fighter, so I stepped back and reconsidered. I mean, you need at least one scholar, maybe more; they can quickly pick up new languages, experts with making maps and taking samples and sketching whatever odd sights are encountered. Still, let’s experiment.

So I made Hayzott the Burnished, cleric of Geldurk, God of War. Since wizards and clerics are in short supply in a low fantasy setting, I don’t think I’ll have to be one of the prisoners, so I might be able to get heavy armor. That, plus the shield, plus the +1 AC from the holy symbol, and the +1 AC from the reach weapon (spears are the holy weapon of Geldurk), Hayzott may start with a 14 AC. I took “Reinforce Symbol” as his first talent, so I can boost AC or wounds with the spear by 1 for about an hour in a tough situation. Even with light armor, I’ll be well off, and I’ll take a pack instead.

Hayzott starts with +1 Awareness; I don’t know what languages would be useful in this setting, so I take musical talent in Drums instead. I mean, seriously; a war cleric that can awesome up with war drums! It’s a good thing.

For his motivation, I decided instead of rolling I’d make one up. He wants to learn all local languages he encounters, to help as he determines whether these new peoples will be allies or foes in the coming wars. (Wars are always coming.)

We play January 27th. I’m looking forward to it.

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