Reflection on Moral Complexity.

This is one of my favorite discussions in the entire Highlander series. Duncan MacLeod just killed a former friend to keep her from bombing a lot of unsavory people; she tried to frame it as though he had no choice besides killing her or letting them die. Afterwards, he tries to process with the oldest of the immortals. This from the script:

MACLEOD: Ingrid said something just before she died.

METHOS: (reflective) Yes. They usually do.

MACLEOD: She asked me what the difference was between her killing them and my killing her.

METHOS:  Good question. Right up there with the “chicken and the egg” one.

MACLEOD: So you’re saying there is no answer.

METHOS: (sardonic) Oh, there’s an answer. But the real question is, are you ready to hear it?

MACLEOD: Now is not the time.

METHOS: (serious) Stefanovich killed and Ingrid judged him. Wilkinson killed and Ingrid judged him. (beat) Ingrid killed and you judged her.

MACLEOD: MacLeod understands the implications. Then who judges me?

METHOS: (beat) You hungry?

As they walk off together –FADE OUT. THE END

I love this exchange because it typifies for me a reframing of the moral dilemma. It is not a question of what is the absolute right, and the absolute wrong; it is a question instead of what you are willing to live with. What you are willing to accept judgement for. You decide your morality, you are not helpless in the face of a faceless abstract moral code. It’s not a question of fairness, but instead a question of who you want your choices to shape you to become.

Good stuff.

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