My creative scheduling this year.

This year is going to be about survival, rather than the blooming of creativity. When I think about the year ahead, I mostly think about how to keep going through it, and hope for the best on the other side.

This turns my attention to my current games and projects. Here are my current games. I’m not going to even try to set deadlines for the OSH projects I’m working on in the background.

  • Edge City. Masks System. Very complex, but rewarding for some of my players.
  • Tulip’s Dragon Slaying Quest. Old School Hack. Was almost done, I added a mini-quest bit. In retrospect, not very bright.
  • Open Table. Old School Hack. So I can have a variety of people over to play, a gateway drug. Easy prep, easy fun.
  • Steampunk Old School Hack. Did one game set in Gothmagog, wanted to do more. But, don’t NEED to.
  • Quest for the Sleeping Goddess. Masks Fantasy System. Not yet started, but highly anticipated. Offshoot of the now-closed Fantasy Masks open table that was replaced by Old School Hack.

Right off the bat I can strike the Steampunk game; it was a one-shot, and I think I need to let it be a one-shot unless I have some space open up in the future. I can also re-compact Tulip’s Dragon Slaying Quest to get it off the roster sooner rather than later without doing damage to my artistry or their fun. Then I could trade out Tulip’s Quest for the Quest for the Sleeping Goddess.

I could give myself a goal of maybe three months, and then my line up would look like this:

  • Edge City. Masks System. (Fridays)
  • Quest for the Sleeping Goddess. Masks Fantasy System. (Fridays) Not yet started, highly anticipated.
  • Open Table. Old School Hack. (Saturday game days)

This is do-able. Meanwhile, for game design, so far I plan to stick with working on Old School Hack this year.

This is just a draft. It helps me focus my much-reduced free time.

As for Old School Hack projects, this is what I have in the works. No schedule on any of this… my main focus is to keep giving you something on the blog, and these provide a focus for that goal. These are not in order.

  • Scenarios. I am continuing to design scenarios to post for free.
  • Geomorph Stocker. When this is done, it is going to be fantastic; it will allow DMs to plan an hour of play per 10 minutes of work! A wide variety of obstacles, foes, and treasure will be provided to quickly roll up and assign. I am very proud of this ongoing work.
  • Open Sea. A supplement to handle “Age of Sail” Old School Hack.
  • Encounter Book. A cool book with a lot of environments, and 10 one-page encounters per environment. Each page with a map, description, foe stats, etc. so you can run it with minimal or zero prep. So if they are in an environment, grab an encounter on the fly and go.
  • Pantheon Book. I have provided 5 gods so far, and randomizing on 2d10 needs 19 possibles, and with 1 option for non-specific god, then I could make 13 more for a single deity-focused supplement. Yeah, that’s a plan. God of love, of death, of nature, etc. This is appealing because I could do a day’s post on a god, like I used to do with the templates.

As always, I appreciate hearing back if anybody is using the stuff I’ve already made for Old School Hack. The base system is great for picking it up and running it with minimal review ahead of time, which is great. What I did was expand it so if you want more from the system, you can get it. I feel both are very valuable. I love fans. Who doesn’t?

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